Our vision to improve farmers livelihood options and making farming a sustainable

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Who we are:

We the Public Private Partnership “(PPP) – INDIA TRADE CENTRE” have been framed as per “Foreign Trade – POLICY DECISSION” (FTP) of Govt. of India under the Market Access Initiative (MAI) Scheme being setup by the Federation of Indian Export Organisations (FIEO) in Romania (EU) with the support of the Ministry of Commerce & Industry and the Ministry of External Affairs, Govt. of India with the “Objective” of marketing the Produce of Farmers and Goods & Services of Entrepreneurs by developing “Trade Centre’s” across the globe to establish “Grama Swarajya” to support survival, welfare and wellbeing of all people.

We are promoting “GRAMA SWARAJYA” to give each and every individual  an opportunity to   perform “Fundamental Duty” of  recycling  air, water, food and other commodities consumed  by  channelling  his energy in agriculture and or,  reforestation to allow him to earn just and justifiable value to his produce and or service along with incentives such as carbon credit to contain climate change and to arrest global warming  on the other hand we also encouraging people to work in service of others locally, nationally and internationally  performing possible tasks  in service of other beings to earn her / his share in national wealth consisting of national Income and natural resources under the condition that each and every act performed in agriculture or other activities  shall  promote brotherhood, peace and prosperity, protect environment eco system and bio diversity for obtaining “Fundamental Needs” consisting of air, water, food, medicine, clothing, shelter, education and employment.

What we do:

On competition of audit of our “Trade Income” amounting to 40 Lakhs Crores as per the “Trade Performance Report”(Attached)  published by Govt of India and release of PROMISED amount of Rs.498.78  Crores as per the Record Note of the First Meeting of Working Committee of Empowered Executive Committee (EEC) of India Trade Centre (ITC) Bucharest, Romania held at FIEO (WR) , Mumbai on 25th April  2008 as Mentioned in the Minutes of Meeting of Sub Committee of Market Access Initiative (MAI) of Ministry of Commerce  held on 22.01.2008  and RECOVERED  from  Mrs.Tinoo Joshi IAS who as Secrete ray General of Federation of Indian Export Organisations amassed a commission @ 0.01 % amounting to around Rs.400 Crores  later reduced to Rs.360 Crores  as stated in India Today (Linked:http://indiatoday.intoday.in/story/bhopal-ias-couples-worth-rs-360-cr/1/127096.html , which was again reduced to  Rs.240 Crores by Taxmen of Govt of India as per  Mail Today (Linked:  http://www.dailymail.co.uk/indiahome/indianews/article-2107407/Madhya-Pradesh-Chhattisgargh-taxmen-peg-wealth-tainted-IAS-couple-Rs-240-crore.html is still not delivered to us  with concerned legal authorities who have illegally with held the amount denying the “PPP”  India Trade Centre” an opportunity to develop infrastructure actual and virtual for fulfilling the above said “Objective” of delivering “Fundamental Needs” to deprived people after forming Partnership with each and every individual Indirect / Direct TAX Paying Citizen for establishing “Grama Swarajya”  (Global Village) by developing each and every Ward/ Village as self-sufficient, sustainable, self-reliant by,

  • Installing Toll Free 24 Hrs 365 Days HELP LINE & assistance through HELPING HANDS in each and every Ward of the Panchayath for obtaining delivery of fundamental needs consisting of Justice, Air, Water, Food, Medicine, Clothing, Shelter, Education and Employment.
  • Taking over LOANS and LIBILITIES of FRAMERS and WORKERS and WOMEN – as they have been producing and delivering our fundamental needs such as air, water and food directly or indirectly along with DISEABLED, POOR, Bankrupt ENTERPRENUERS to save them from suicide or death due to ill health resulting from malnutrition,  adulteration or degradation of land, water and  environment due to using substances such as Endosulfan DDT etc or technologies such as bore wells which ultimately deplete ground water in the name of growth and development  .
  • Delivering nutritious food and medicine to malnourished children and uncared aged seniors through a health and hospitality system to save them from death due to malnourishment and not caring.
  • Developing infrastructure and facilities to make our roadways, railways, water ways and air ways accident free zone’s
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