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About Us

The “Public Private Partnership  INDIA TRADE CENTRE” (PPP-ITC) was formed in 2007-08 during the tenure of then Prime Minister Dr.Manmohan Sing-as the head of the Cabinet and former President Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam -as the head of the Executive to fulfil  constitutional obligations created by the “Promise “ of First Prime Minister Shri Pandith  Nehru when  declared that,  “The first task of this Assembly (Constituent Assembly) is to free India through a new Constitution, to feed the starving people and clothe the naked masses and to give each Indian the fullest opportunity to develop himself according to his capability”.

The “PPP-ITC has been framed as per “Foreign Trade POLICY DECISSION” of Govt. of India (GOI) under Market Access Initiative (MAI) Scheme. It was setup by Federation of Indian Export Organisations (FIEO), with the support of  Ministry of Commerce & Industry (MOC & I) Ministry of External Affairs (MEA)  The first “Trade Centre” under the banner “PPP-ITC” has been formed in Romania (European Union) followed by one in Sharjah (United Arab Emirates) . with the “Objective ” of marketing produce of farmers, goods & services of entrepreneurs by opening “Trade Centre’s” across the globe for developing entrepreneurial spirit among the young and for generating  employment opportunities to unemployed and to earn  income  to Private Partners (investors, workers and beneficiaries) mean while increasing revenue to Public Partner (the Govt of India).

“PPP-ITC” has been registered in India in 2014 under the direction of “Hon’ble President of India to TAKE OVER UNPAID LOANS AND LIABILITIES OF DISEABLED, POOR, WOMEN, WORKERS, FARMERS and BUNCRUPT ENTERPRENUERS  resulted due to  not awarding just and justifiable value to their work and or, produce while fulfilling the main  “Objective” of establishing 24 Hrs 365 Days functioning “Grama Swaraj” Help Line after forming partnership with each and every individual at ward / council level  for delivery of “Fundamental Needs” such as justice, food, medicine, cloth, shelter, education and employment  while allowing each and every adult citizen (excluding disabled, child and aged) to perform fundamental duty of replenishing the air, water and food consumed    by her / him by agriculture and or,  reforestation  to fulfill the scientifically coined spiritual concept of our “National Emblem –The Ashoka Chakra” which stands for causing “No Sorrow to Citizen”. This is deemed necessary to enable an Individual to earn income for each and every action of her / his based on its contribution to secure food safety and self sufficiency, sustainability and self reliance. Alternatively people may also earn  in service of other locally, nationally or internationally with the condition that all actions performed shall  support the  livelihood and life of all beings and shall  promote  brotherhood, peace and prosperity  and  shall protect environment, eco system and bio diversity  at village ward / city council level.

This is necessary to engage the energy of young and unemployed by channelling in activities for absorbing carbon to reverse climate change and to arrest global warming to earn carbon credit for building the nation. The above said activities will defiantly defeat the plans of anti-national and anti-social forces who promote ideals and idols of hatred to increase crime, violence, naxalism, and terrorism by dividing people.

The List of Shareholders in M/s Indus Trade Services SRL  Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) Romania:

  1. Federation of Indian Export Organisations(FIEO)